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  • What are all the attachments for?
    When you're vacuuming pile carpets and rugs, you should use the motorized power nozzle. But when you're cleaning bare floors and walls, it's best to use the wall/floor brush. To get dust out of drawers, heating and air-conditioning vents, and from under larger appliances, try the crevice tool. For mattresses, upholstered fabrics, cur
  • What appliances can I use my Corningware on?
    All CORNINGWARE cookware can be used in conventional, convection, toaster and microwave ovens; gas and electric stovetop; in the refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher. For use in freezer, please use with caution as liquid expansion may cause possible pressure for glass to break.
  • What is an anti-hammer device?
    An anti-hammer device softens the impact of water rapidly stopping at a point in the water line where an appliance is connected. Appliances rapidly shut water on and off, which causes the water volume to slam into the end of the run and suddenly stop. This creates a hammering affect which can harm the appliance. Modern water systems codes require a
  • What type of utensils can be used in a Microwave oven?
    One can use Ceramic, Chinaware, Porcelain, Glass, Thermoplastic wares, and Aluminum foils. The utensils should not have any metal trimmings or decoration. The above said timings are at maximum power levels of Microwave, the electricity consumption decreases correspondingly with lower power levels, which please note. Like most appliances, it is bett